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Little Tewkes Nursery & Childrens Centre
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Our Rooms

The White Room

We are extremely proud of our baby and toddler rooms. Our White Room & Yellow Room caters for nine babies from birth up to 2 years. After these rooms children progress to the Red Room when they become a toddler; children move on to the next room at different times depending on how settle they feel and if they are ready to move on. In keeping with the whole nursery the rooms, are large, bright, airy and spacious.

Your babies will be cared for by fully qualified and experienced nursery nurses with a staff ratio of one member of staff to every three babies. The White Room & Yellow Room provides a happy and loving environment where our staff encourage your baby to develop their first skills such as smiling, touching, sitting, crawling, talking etc, at their own rate Baby Milk
All babies up to approximately 9 months should be provided with their own formula milks, after this we will encourage your baby to eat suitably prepared meals.

We have a cot for each baby we look after and each child will have their own separate supply of bed linen, which is cleaned daily by staff.

Changing Supplies
We ask that you supply nappies, wipes, creams etc for your baby.

We ask that you supply a spare set of clothing for your baby, in case of any accidents or a particularly messy activity! However there will always be spare sets of clothes at the nursery.

Comfort Toys
If your child has a comfort toy/blanket they are very welcome to bring this to the nursery with them.

We keep daily records, detailing your child’s routines for the day which is given to parents at home time. We always appreciate any comments you wish to make to help us to provide continuity in the daily care of your child.

We understand that is can be very hard for a parent to leave their baby at a nursery for the first time, therefore we encourage parents to come to the nursery before your start date to meet and talk to the staff and have a look around, this enables you to feel more relaxed and will also ensure your child’s transition into nursery goes smoothly and most importantly your baby is happy.

The Red Room

The Red Room is for our toddler children and these are generally aged from 2 years to 3 years. This room has a staff ratio of one member of staff to every 4 children. The Red Room can cater for 30 children.

Just like the rest of the nursery this room is staffed by highly qualified and experienced staff. The Red Room is equipped with the appropriate equipment and toys for their age and stage of development. As with all our rooms, all the activities are carefully planned to ensure a wide variety of experienced and inclusion for all. We plan activities around your child’s needs and interests, so feedback from parents/carers is very important.

Many children at this age still need a daily sleep; therefore we make up a quiet, cosy area for sleep times.

During this important time your child will develop in many ways i.e. talking, potty training, expressing needs, taking turns etc. We are very aware of the child as an individual and aim to provide the necessary support, encouragement and praise that are needed. At this stage our children are encouraged to learn to share and feel part of a group. Breakfast, lunch, tea and snack times are very sociable times, which help the children to develop their social skills and bond with their key person in a relaxed and friendly environment.

We keep daily records, detailing your child’s nappy changes, sleep times, how much they have eaten and any other information, for the day which is told verbally to parents at home time. We always appreciate any comments you wish to make to help us to provide continuity in the daily care of your child.

The Green Room

The Green Room welcomes children aged from 3 years to school age. Children in this room benefit from a large, bright room which is well equipped with a wide range of play equipment and learning resources to cater for their needs.

The Green Room can accommodate 30 children at a staff ratio of one member of staff to every eight children.

The equipment and toys are set out in an inviting way and offer opportunities for the children to play with the following:

  • Mark Making Area
  • Role Play Area
  • Construction Area
  • Small World Play
  • Sand and Water
  • Messy Play
  • ICT Area
  • Circle Time
  • Outside Play
There is also a quiet area where children are encouraged to look at and enjoy our vast selection of reading books. During the day the children have opportunities to use the art, craft and messy area, the computers, the garden (weather permitting) and to explore the wide range of activities that are carefully chosen for them daily. A time is set aside daily for the children to work in small groups. This time is for a more structured approach to learning in preparation for school.

Parents are encouraged to read our notice board, which lists the days activities and to speak to any of the staff regarding their child’s day at nursery. We feel that two-way communication between home and nursery is vital to ensure your child has the best Early Years experience possible.

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